Our mission is to elevate student success by partnering with schools and community organizations to provide support to parents and caregivers, thereby nurturing and reinforcing connections among students, parents, caregivers, and educators. We Provide on-site or virtual comprehensive workshops and socially relevant resources that support the whole child and empower their success.



Creating a Rich Learning Environment at Home


The Value of Family Routines



Promoting Positive Behavior

The Benefit of Participating in Extracurricular Activites


Enhancing Parent-Student & Parent Teacher Communication

Setting Limits and Boundaries


Learning to Speak their Love Language

Overcoming Academic and Personal Barriers


” It’s easier to build strong children then repair broken men.”

-Fredrick Douglass

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Dr. mike Shawn 

Dr. Michael and Shawn Patterson are an inspiring, faith-driven couple, embodying dynamism and down-to-earth authenticity. Their unwavering dedication to uplifting others is fueled by a profound passion.

For over three decades, Dr. Michael and Shawn have committed themselves to serving in the community by developing and nurturing leaders and providing several resources and programs that enrich children, youth, families.

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