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We are excited to collaborate with schools, community organizations, and churches to build and fortify strong family partnerships. We provide training and socially relevant resources to empower success. 

Our Vision 

To transform communities by providing social and

emotional support and culturally relevant resources to enhance the total well-being of families. 

We love Pouring into Families


Assuring parents receive the social and emotional support they crave.


Providing families with the tools and skills to develop stronger bonds


Promoting children's overall well-being and growth




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Dynamic Parenting Workshops

Equipping Parents for Dynamic Bonds

Marriage & Family Enrichment

Transforming Marriages and Families

Educational Leadership

Shaping the Minds of the Next Generation

Community Leadership

Training inspiring Churches & Communities

the future depends on what you do today.

Mahatma Gandhi

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mike Shawn 

Michael and Shawn Patterson are a dynamic, faith-filled, down to earth couple who share an undying passion for empowering and elevating the lives of others.

For over three decades, Michael and Shawn have been dedicated to improving marriages, families, and developing leaders in the church and community.

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